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Control Engineering Special Outlook Feature Jan/Feb 2010 Issue

JANUARY 1, 2010 (ASIA PACIFIC) - Mr. Koji Kagiyama, Managing Director of Omron Asia Pacific, talks to Control Engineering about the changes and prospects in industrial automation area.
Q1 : What have been some of the major automation technology issues and market changes reflecting on the last 10 years.
A1 : We have witness in the past ten years intense competition that requires extensive corporate transformation in order to compete effectively. Automation technology, once predominantly geared to increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs has evolved to emphasise changing trends. The focus is to increase quality in the manufacturing process and to increase human safety. Besides the focus on quality and safety, automation technology is now providing more flexibility and agility to manufacturers who have to swisftly respond to the changing trends and consumer demands in the market.
Q2 : How Omron has responded, developed and changed (2000 to 2009)?
A2 : At Omron, our focus has always been on the art of making things (Monozukuri in Japanese), and our determination to support safety and ensure the manufacturing of high-quality products. We used our expertise in Sensing & Control technologies and Monozukuri to meet the needs of many of the world's top manufacturers.
Q3 : Broad thoughts on the next 10 years from both an industry and company.
A3 : Omron has so far contributed to society with a steady stream of innovative products to meet emerging needs of the society. Some of the key areas that we are looking into are sustainable manufacturing, environmental friendly products and clean energy. We are also constantly refining our manufacturing processes to lead industry by providing environmentally safe products to the world.
By: Mr. Koji Kagiyama,
Managing Director,
Omron Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.