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The Most Complete Series of Counter in the Market

The Most Complete Series of Counter in the Market
SEPTEMBER 6, 2009 (ASIA PACIFIC) - The H7CX Series Preset Counter offers the ultimate in versatility and programming to meet your specifications!
Depending on the model, H7CX can be configured as 1-stage or 2-stage, total and preset counter, batch or dual counter or tachometer making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.
H7CX Multifunction Preset Counter uses a backlit LCD display that ensures excellent visibility. Its programmable colour indication will alert you of any output status change. All parameters can be set via the front panel or DIP switch settings. Other features include high speed response up to 10 kHz, NPN/PNP selectable, key protect function and many more! H7CX digital counter is suitable for all industrial environments and is NEMA4/IP66 compliant. Check it out now!
For more information, please refer to:
H7CX-[]-N Multifunction Preset Counter