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An Integrated Motion Network for High-speed and High-precision Control

EtherCAT Network
APRIL 13, 2011 (ASIA PACIFIC) - Excellent for rapid and advanced machine control, EtherCAT motion network provides high performance in speed, expandability and also flexibility.
Increasing system performance and startup efficiency for automation systems has become an important design issue for value-added applications to improve machine takt time in electronic component manufacturing equipment, food processing machines and packaging machines. However, high-speed and high-precision applications such as motion control, need separate motion network and field network.
EtherCAT, an Ethernet-based network eliminates the barrier between motion networks and field networks. It provides real time control with its operating principles and architecture required to achieve ultra-high-speed, synchronized control. With its wiring-efficient bus topology, EtherCAT provides a solution for complex wiring and reduces number of hubs and switches required for Ethernet. Flexible communication specification also allows a wide variety of devices to join the same network.
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EtherCAT Network