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Models Used with CPM2C-CIF21

FAQ No. FAQ00854

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Which OMRON products (general-purpose communications components) can the CPM2C-CIF21 Simplified Communications Unit communicate with?


CPM2C-CIF21 can perform simplified communications if the connected device is an OMRON Temperature Controllers, Digital Panel Indicators, or Timers.

Communications with general-purpose devices is done using SYSWAY or CompoWay/F commands using a command/response method. Therefore, a connection cannot be established when information flows one-way from the connected device, such as with barcode readers.

Only the following models can be connected:

Temperature Controllers

E5GN, E5CN, E5EN, E5AN, E5CK, E5EK, E5AK, E5EJ, E5AJ, E5AF, and E5ZN

Digital Panel Indicators

K3GN, K3NX, K3NV, K3NR, K3NP, K3NC, K3NH, and K3TS