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Ultrasonic Sensor: Long Detection Distance

FAQ No. FAQ01335

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Which Ultrasonic Sensors have a long detection distance?


The E4PA Ultrasonic Displacement Sensor has a long detection distance. Details are provided below.

Long sensing distance suits a variety of applications.

A setting plug with a temperature compensation function makes it easy to set the measurement range.

The Sensor is ultrasonic, so it is not affected by the color of objects.

Perform a variety of control operations by combining with the K3NX Digital Indicator.



Sensing rangeModel
50 to 500 mmE4PA-LS50-M1-N
120 to 2,000 mmE4PA-LS200-M1-N
240 to 4,000 mmE4PA-LS400-M1-N
400 to 6,000 mmE4PA-LS600-M1-N

Accessories (Optional)

Sensor I/O Connectors

CableShapeCable lengthModel
Standard CableStraight
2 m5 conductorsXS2F-D521-DG0-A
5 mXS2F-D521-GG0-A
4-to-5 Conductor Conversion
Cable (See note.)
0.3 m---E4PA-C01

Note:When you use a 4-pole sensor connector cable, the E4PA-C01 is useful for converting from 4 to 5 poles. If this is done, however, you cannot use the mutual interference prevention function.