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Limit Switch: Types of Conduit Openings

FAQ No. FAQ02230

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What types of conduit openings of the Limit Switches are available?


The conduit opening is a hole to pull out a cable. The hole is threaded to fit a connector for fixing the cable.

This connector ensures mechanical fixation and sealing characteristics of the cable.

G1⁄2: Japanese type complying with JIS standard

Pg13.5: European type

1⁄2 14NPT: North American type

M20: European type (IEC approved)

Indication method of conduit threads (complying with JIS B 0202, 0203)

Screw namePast symbolNew symbol
Flat pipe screwPF1/2G1/2
Taipered pipe screwPT3/8

PF and PS are currently indicated in JIS. They are, however, prescribed in the Appendix, and will be discontinued when the JIS standard is reviewed.

Indication methods for other conduit threads

Nominal designations for Conduit Threads of switches for overseas use are indicated in a conventional manner without any change.

Just for reference, their indication methods are described below.

German Electrical Conduit Thread (DIN 40430)

American Taper Conduit Thread (USAS B2.1)