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Substitute Product for H3BH-8 Power OFF-delay Timer

FAQ No. FAQ03106

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What is a substitute product for H3BH-8 Power OFF-delay Timers?


1.It depends on H3BH model. Refer to the following table.

Operating methodInstantaneous operation
Reset methodTime-limit resetTime-limit reset/Forced-reset
External connections8-pin socket
Mounting methodSurface mounting/Flush mounting
(1) H3CR-H8L(2) H3CR-H8RL

Note:The bottom row gives recommended substitute products or models with substitute functions. For details, refer to the following information.

2.The substitute product in column (1) is H3CR-H8L OFF-delay Timers.

3.The substitute product in column (2) is H3CR-H8RL OFF-delay Timers.

4.General Comparison of H3BH and H3CR-H

Compared itemH3BHH3CR-HRemarks
Supply voltage100/110/120 VAC
200/220/240 VAC
24, 48, 100, 110 VDC
100/110/120 VAC
200/220/240 VAC
24 VAC/VDC, 48, 100 to 125 VDC
Time range4 ranges, 4 scales, 2 multitimers
H3BH-8 S: 0.05 to 10 s
H3BH-8 M: 0.05 to 10 min.
1 range, 4 scales, 2 multitimers
H3CR-H8L S: 0.05 to 12 s
H3CR-H8L M: 0.05 to 12 min.
See note 1.
Maximum time4 scales: 0.5, 1, 5, 104 scales: 0.6, 1.2, 6, 12


1.The time unit s (seconds) or m (minutes) must be selected and cannot be changed.

2.The length of the square body part is the same.