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Compatible RFID Antennas with Robot Cables

FAQ No. FAQ03403

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Are there any RFID antennas available which are compatible with movable cables (robot cables)?


Yes. The V600-H11-R for the Electromagnetic Coupling RFID System "V600 Series" is compatible with a movable cable, which is 50 cm in length.

Additionally, other antennas for the V600 Series such as Built-in Amplifier Type "V600-H07, -H11, -H51,-H52" and Amplifier part of the Separate Amplifier Type "V600-HA51" can be connected with the following robotic extension cables.

V600-A56 (Cable lengths = 3m)

V600-A55 (Cable lengths =5m)

V600-A50 (Cable lengths =10m)

V600-A51 (Cable lengths =20m)

V600-A52 (Cable lengths =30m)