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RFID Systems

Model/Combination ID
V600-CH1D-V2 2006DJ2077
V600-CHUD 2006DJ2074
V600-H11* 2006DJ0989
V600-H51 * 2011DJ3601
V600-H52 * 2011DJ3602
V600-HA51 V600-HS51 2011DJ3604
V600-HS61 2011DJ3603
V600-HAM81 V600-HS51 2011DJ3614
V600-HS61 2011DJ3607
V600-HS63 2011DJ3615
V600-HAM91 V600-HS51 2011DJ3610
V600-HS61 2011DJ3616
V600-HS63 2006DJ0994
V600-HAR91 V600-HS51 2011DJ3605
V600-HS61 2006DJ0995
V600-HS63 2006DJ0988
V600-HAR92 V600-HS51 2011DJ3617
V600-HS61 2006DJ0993
V600-HS63 2011DJ3611
V600-HAM42-DRT V600-HS51 2006DJ2076
V600-HS61 2006DJ2078
V600-HS63 2006DJ2075
V600-HS63-2 2011DJ3613
V640-HAM11-V3 V640-HS61 2010DJ5612
V640-HAM11-ETN 2010DJ5964
V640-HAM11-L V640-HS62 2010DJ5614
V640-HAM11-L-ETN 2010DJ5965
V680-CH1D 2008DJ0888
V680-CH1D-PSI 2008DJ0886
V680-CHUD 2008DJ0887
V680-H01-V2 2009DJ0314
V680-HA63A V680-HS51 2008DJ0884
V680-HS52-R 2007DJ0577
V680-HS52-W 2007DJ0575
V680-HS63-R 2007DJ0571
V680-HS63-W 2007DJ0573
V680-HS65-R 2008DJ0141
V680-HS65-W 2008DJ0142
V680-HA63B V680-HS51 2008DJ0885
V680-HS52-R 2007DJ0576
V680-HS52-W 2007DJ0572
V680-HS63-R 2007DJ0574
V680-HS63-W 2007DJ0570
V680-HS65-R 2008DJ0143
V680-HS65-W 2008DJ0144
V680-HAM81 V680-HS51 2008DJ2222
V680-HS52-R 2008DJ2223
V680-HS52-W 2008DJ2224
V680-HS63-R 2008DJ2225
V680-HS63-W 2008DJ2226
V680-HS65-R 2008DJ2227
V680-HS65-W 2008DJ2228
V680-HAM91 V680-HS51 2008DJ2218
V680-HS52-R 2008DJ2229
V680-HS52-W 2008DJ2230
V680-HS63-R 2008DJ2219
V680-HS63-W 2008DJ2220
V680-HS65-R 2008DJ2231
V680-HS65-W 2008DJ2221
V680-HAM42-DRT V680-HS51 2008DJ2211
V680-HS52-R 2008DJ2212
V680-HS52-W 2008DJ2213
V680-HS63-R 2008DJ2214
V680-HS63-W 2008DJ2215
V680-HS65-R 2008DJ2216
V680-HS65-W 2008DJ2217
V680-HAM42-FRT V680-HS63-SP 2008DJ0145
V640-HAM42-PRT V640-HS63-W 2011DJ5485
V640-HS65-W 2011DJ5484
V750-BA50C04-CN V740-HS01CA 2007DJ4540
V740-A01 3M
V740-HS01CA 2007DJ4541
V740-A01 10M
* Models other than the V600-H11, V600-H51, and V600-H52, such as the V600-H11-R, V600-H11-W, V600-
H52-W, and V600-H52-R, cannot be used in China because they are not included in Chinese radio wave legal

Wireless Units

Model Standard No. ID
WE70-AP-CN 信部無[2002]353号 2007AJ1444
WE70-CL-CN 2007AJ1443
WE70-AP-CN-M5M 2007AJ1445
WE70-CL-CN-M5M 2007AJ1448
WE70-AP-CN-M 2007AJ1446
WE70-CL-CN-M 2007AJ1447