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Sysmac PLC Basic

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Sysmac PLC Basic

Course Description:

- Introduction to Machine Automation Controller
- Introduction to Sysmac
- I/O Connection & Wiring
- System configuration of NX1P series
- Function, Characteristic, & Feature of NX1P series
- Introduction to Programming Tools Sysmac Studio
- Basic Operation of Sysmac Studio
- Setup Sysmac, Create New Project, Saving New Project, Upload/Download, Monitoring Program
- Variable Addressing & I/O Allocation of NX1P series
- Basic Instruction: LD, AND, OR
- Basic Programming: Timer, Counter, Set/Reset, Differentiate
- Cross reference, Output window, Watch window
- Check Error/Troubleshooting Error
- Application Exercise Examples
- Intermediate Programming: Move, Compare, Increment/Decrement, etc
- Overview of ST Programming
- NX1P Programming in ST
- ST Programming Exercise
- Application Exercise Examples HMI NB
- Function, Characteristic, & Feature of NB series
- Introduction to Programming Tool: NB Designer Setup & Integration to Sysmac Controller

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PT. Omron Electronics

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* Course dates are subject to changes.
* Click on the date to register on-line.

* Harga tersebut sudah termasuk: Pendaftaran, Materi Training, Sertifikat Omron, Snack + Makan Siang (termasuk PPn: 10%)

* Course fee is inclusive of: Registration, Training Material, Omron Certificate, Snack & Lunch. (also inclusive of PPn:10%)


Kapasitas Kelas:

6 orang minimum.
Dibawah Kapasitas Minimum Kelas, training akan ditunda mengikuti jadwal selanjutnya atau sampai Kapasitas Minimum Kelas terpenuhi.

Class Size:
6 person minimum.
Training classes with less than minimum number will be brought forward to the next schedule or until the minimum number is filled.

Butir-butir Training:

Tempat training: PT. Omron Electronics - Ruang Training.
Waktu training : 09.30 - 16.00 WIB

Pembayaran harus sudah ditransfer minimal 1 (satu) minggu sebelum training, dengan nomor rekening sebagai berikut dan email copy slip transfer ke

PT.Omron Electronics
A/C No. 5100-146100 (IDR)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman-MID Plaza Building

Training Details:
Venue: PT. Omron Electronics - Training Center
Time : 09.30am to 16.00pm

Payment need to be transferred minimum 1 week before training commences, with the following details and please email a copy of the transfer slip to

PT.Omron Electronics
A/C No. 5100-146100 (IDR)
Jl. Jend. Sudirman-MID Plaza Building

Cara Pendaftaran:

• Pendaftaran per email dianggap konfirm.
• Pembayaran harus sudah ditransfer minimal 1 (satu) minggu sebelum training & email copy slip transfer ke kantor kami, jika tidak pendaftaran kami anggap batal.
• Jika terdapat pembatalan, paling lambat harus menginformasikan 7 hari sebelum training.
• Pembatalan setelahnya, akan dikenakan biaya pembatalan sebesar limapuluh persen (50%) dari biaya training.
• Tidak ada pengembalian biaya untuk pembatalan training 1 (satu) hari sebelumnya.

Terms and Conditions:
• Registration by email is considered confirmation from participant.
• Each registration form must be completed in full and a copy of the transfer slip must be received at least 7 working days prior to the course commencement date.
• Omron reserve the right to make appropriate changes to its trainer, course schedule and course outline if it deems necessary. However, participant(s) will be notified of the changes in the course schedule in advance.
• Course fees will be refunded in full for any withdrawal from the course provided a written notice is received at least 7 working days before the commencement date of the course. Refund is inapplicable after the latter date. However, any substitute of participant(s) is accepted with no extra charge.
• If withdrawal is done in less than 7 working days before the course commences, a 50% of the course cancellation fee will be imposed. • There will be no refunds for cancellation received 1 day before the course commences.

Untuk In-House Training:

• Customer haruslah menyiapkan peralatan sebagai berikut: PC Pentium untuk masing-masing peserta, Computer Projector, White Screen/Board.
• Untuk jadwal & harga Paket In-house Training dapat didiskusikan lebih lanjut (Hari Kerja: Senin - Jum'at)

In-House Training:
• We offer cost effective on-site training for any of our standard courses at your location, but the training department will work with your organization to determine your specific needs.
• Fees cover the instructor's time to prepare, travel, and provide training at your location. In addition, instructor's expenses, equipment rentals and workbook fees will also be billed.
• Please contact us for schedule arrangement and details on the package price.