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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Discontinued On Dec. 2015


Data Logger


High-speed, wide-range voltage measurement model

* Information in this page is a reference that you created on the basis of information in the product catalog before the end of production, may be different from the current situation, such as goods for / supported standards options / price / features of the product. Before using, please check the compatibility and safety system.

Highest speed and widest input range in its class

Meeting Versatile Requirements

Isolated multi-function input on all channels

Each channel is supplied with its own isolated circuit preventing inter-channel noise interference. Multi-function input enables simultaneous logging of voltage, temperature, humidity (optional), pulse, and logic. A wide variety of inputs can be logged.

BNC/screw hybrid input terminal

Each analog input terminal features hybrid BNC terminal/screw terminal specifications.
Use either one for voltage input connection.

ZR-RX70 Features 5

Full Array of Features

Super-wide Voltage Input Range

ZR-RX70 Features 7

Wide input range from ±20 mV to ±500 V. It allows the measurement of 100 to 240 VAC power supply waveforms.

Ultra high-speed sampling

High-speed sampling at speeds up to 10 μs is possible. Thus it is suitable for applications such as drop tests and oscillation tests that require high-speed sampling. Data for lengthy applications, such as endurance tests and environmental tests, can be continuously logged to the flash memory (at a sampling interval of 1 ms or over).

Potential recording time (with 8 analog channels)

ZR-RX70 Features 9

* Please use a USB flash drive without security function.

Simultaneous sampling with external devices

Data capture can be timed in response to external device.
Capture necessary data only.

Smart operability with cursor key

Intuitive operation using a set of cursor keys allows users to view enlarged and reduced images of high-speed waveforms. A 5.7-inch large-screen color LCD (QVGA) enables easy observation of waveforms and measurements even in a dark place.

ZR-RX70 Features 11

X-Y Recorder Function

ZR-RX70 Features 12

The analog X-Y recorder function of the product enables users to view correlations between different pieces of data. The product can also be used as a 4-pen recorder. Digital data captured with this function can be used for reports and other post-measurement work.

Useful Trigger and Timer Functions

Different combinations of the trigger and timer functions
They enable users to eliminate superfluous data and capture the data truly necessary for each situation.

ZR-RX70 Features 13

(Setting example) Measurement of abnormal signals while a certain device is at work

ZR-RX70 Features 14

Start Key On

Finishing data capturing in priority to timer setting

ZR-RX70 Features 15

PC Compatibility

Versatile PC linkup via LAN, USB, etc.

3 ways to link to a PC are available through a USB flash drive, a USB connection, or a LAN connection.
No initial setup is required. Supports all kinds of data applications.

ZR-RX70 Features 17

Remote control/Monitoring function

You can remote control the logger from the web browser installed in your PC by connecting the logger with an IP address to the PC through a LAN network.
Files stored on the unit (or on the USB flash drive) can be copied to your PC via the web browser as well.

ZR-RX70 Features 18

PC viewer function

Special software allows you to display captured data easily in waveform format.
Search, printout, and CSV conversion can also be performed.

* Simply start up the software and select a file. For multi-channel measurement and advanced waveform display, we
    recommend special PC software (Wave Inspire RX). (See Catalog)

ZR-RX70 Features 19

Extract data even while logging is in progress

With the pre-installed FTP server function, data stored on the logger can be transferred to your PC even while logging is in progress.

ZR-RX70 Features 20

Automatic clock-time correction

Clock-time of the unit is automatically corrected by the NTP client function.

Real-time data gathering in a PC

The special software enables real-time data saving in a PC.
The logger can be connected to a PC via USB or LAN connection. Captured data can be simultaneously saved on the logger and on a PC, or on the PC only.

ZR-RX70 Features 22

You can also save and convert logging data directly to Excel format.