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G6D-F4PU / G3DZ-F4PU, G6D-F4B / G3DZ-F4B

Terminal Relay

G6D-F4PU / G3DZ-F4PU, G6D-F4B / G3DZ-F4B

Model with Push-In Plus technology Added to Terminal Relays with Four-point Output Lineup


Global Edition

For ordering in Indonesia, please note some product models not sold in Indonesia may be included in the following catalog(s) for our global customers.

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Catalog Name Catalog Number
Last Update
G6D-F4PU/G3DZ-F4PU, G6D-F4B/G3DZ-F4B Data Sheet J228-E1-02
Jun 01, 2020
G6D-F4PU/G3DZ-F4PU, G6D-F4B/G3DZ-F4B Data Sheet
Push-In Plus Terminal Block Series Pamphlet J213-E1-07
Oct 18, 2019
Push-In Plus Terminal Block Series Pamphlet