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Prevent Human Safety Accidents While Operating On The CNC Machine

Protect your company against potential human safety accidents occuring from CNC Machines’ operations.

  • Create a safer working environment for your employees
  • Avoid potential hefty production downtime from occuring
  • Eliminate potential risks of loss opportunities from accidents
  • Reduce potential legal issues associated with safety accidents
  • Reduce risks of incurring monetary losses from safety lapses

The Value

OMRON Safety Light Curtain
Offers Finger/Hand/Arm Protection

OMRON Safety Light Curtain is a type of safety sensor that is used to safeguard dangerous points and hazardous areas. When installed onto CNC machines, the safety light curtain protects workers from human-machine collision during door-closing operations.


How The Safety Light Curtain Works?

Step 1 - Identify Hazard Points

Machining Center

Designed with perfect fit installation, OMRON Safety Light Curtain can be used to fit various protective heights of different CNC machines identified in the workshop.

Step 2 - The Safety Hazard

Install The Light Curtain

Installed along both edges of the CNC Machine door, the beams of the Safety Light Curtain (emitter and receiver) uses optical synchronization to detect obstacles between.

Safety light curtain detects “Arm”. Door is prevented from closing.

Step 3 - The Accident

Prevent Safety Accidents

The Safety Light Curtain is then configured to stop the automated door from closing when it detects obstacles (finger/hand/arm) in between the emitter and the receiver.


Features Of The Safety Light Curtain

Robust Design For Reliable Use In Cutting Oil Environments

The Safety Light Curtain has the ability to protect from cutting oil (IP67G) for four times longer than a previous model (F3SJ-A/B).

Research have shown that 30% of unexpected component failures are caused by cutting oil, and more than 80% of companies replaces their parts within one year, due to corrosion.

OMRON’s Safety Light Curtain (F3SG-RR) model offers the capability and assurance to resist oil from cutting oil (IP67G)

With its unique construction, the optical surface is completely covered with rubber, and the metal parts placed on the rubber are compressed and deformed to seal it tightly. This construction prevents cutting oil from getting inside the product, ensuring its performance against cutting oil.

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Optical Synchronization With Perfect Fit Installation

Designed to be smart and intuitive for a quick set-up, OMRON Safety Light Curtain eliminates the need for wiring synchronization between the emitter and receiver. This reduces disconnection risks, noise trouble and lesser wiring, making installation faster and simpler.

With perfect fit installation, you can connect light curtains to fit various protective heights, effectively eliminating dead space.

How The Safety Light Curtain Works In A Complete Safety Solution

The auto door of the CNC machine is favoured over the heavy manual door to reduce workers’ fatigue from manually operating with the heavy CNC doors, and to increase overall productivity.

With the safety light curtain, it protects workers against serious finger/hand/arm accidents during an accident with the closure of the automated door.

An illustration of the complete solution setup can be seen below.

For the complete safety solution to work, the safety light curtain is integrated with various existing motors and components.

It is hence important and mandatory that the main control system (e.g. motors and components) meet safety compliance, to guarantee maximum safety and prevent the source of hazard. (e.g. A inadept control system that is not safety compliant may not be able to process the signals from the Safety Light Curtain to prevent the stoppage of the automated closing door)

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