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Multi-maintenance Counter/Timer (DIN 72 x 72)


Nine Built-in Counters/Timers to Measure Equipment Operating Cycles and Times and Forecast Maintenance Timing

Multi-maintenance Counter/Timer

Preset stage Nameplate lettering Model
3-stage setting Japanese H8BM-RA DC24
English H8BM-RB DC24
1-stage setting Japanese H8BM-RAD DC24
English H8BM-RBD DC24

Accessories (Order Separately)

Name Model
Hard Protective Cover *1 Y92A-72C
Rubber Packing *1 Y92S-25
Short-circuit plate *2 Y92S-26

*1. A Hard Protective Cover and Rubber Packing are supplied with the Counter.
*2. The H8BM-R[] is provided with short input as standard to achieve a Multi-stage Counter without having to use a
       short-circuit plate and external wiring.