Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Enhance your Factory and Warehouse
with Fleet Manager

OMRON Enterprise Manager

OMRON Enterprise Manager makes mobile robot fleet setup and maintenance a snap. Combined with an intuitive, visual interface, it is easy to define jobs, map routes, monitor each robot’s status, and adapt to facility changes.

Centralized control means you see the big picture and have the power to manage your workflow in real-time for maximum efficiency.

Optimize Efficiency

Maximize Uptime

Increase Flexibility

OMRON Fleet Simulator

Solve problems before they arise. Optimize your fleet before you deploy it.

OMRON’s Fleet Simulator offers the industry’s first mobile robot simulator for factory and manufacturing applications. It plans traffic and workflows for fleets of autonomous mobile robots so customers can identify potential bottlenecks and optimize workflows without ever having to deploy a real robot.


  • Assess the impact of map changes, scaling, route changes, and new software features.
  • Simulate up to 10 robots in up to three separate fleets
  • Visualize individual robot path planning and interaction with other robots
  • Simulate custom environment based on real-world facilities
  • Identify traffic flow bottlenecks
  • Validate third party software

OMRON Mobile Planner

MobilePlanner Tablet Edition is an easy-to-use interface designed for monitoring and controlling your mobile robot fleet from a tablet. With MobilePlanner Tablet Edition, users can localize or manually drive robots when needed, initiate the map-making process, and monitor the robot fleet anytime from anywhere inside their facility. MobilePlanner Tablet Edition can also be used as a call button, allowing users to send a robot to up to 6 predefined positions with a single button press.


  • View the robot’s laser readings
  • Send robots to dock or to other points on the map
  • Manually drive robots
  • View your fleet anytime & anywhere within the facility
  • Observe location and status of robots in color-coded-map

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