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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon a new normal that is not only impacting our health and social lives, but is also disrupting businesses and economies globally. Other than respiratory droplets, COVID-19 can also be acquired through contact with surfaces contaminated with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Studies* indicate that the virus can remain on surfaces from a timeframe of a few hours to multiple days, thus highlighting the risk of fomite-mediated transmission and the necessity of disinfecting the premises thoroughly.

*by NEA (National Environmental Agency of Singapore)

Traditional vs Augmented

While using traditional manual cleaning and disinfection practices, organizations face many challenges such as variation in the performance of individual housekeepers, inappropriate use & availability of disinfectants, access to desired number of manpower around the clock and the complicated disinfection requirements of high-touch areas. All these necessitate the need of augmenting the manual cleaning regime with UVC disinfection.

What is LD UVC?

The LD UVC is one of our unique solutions, designed specifically to fight the COVID-19 outbreak. It is used for disinfecting rooms and high-touch surfaces automatically and effectively.



Individually validated UVC lamps deliver balanced and uniform high-output UVC flux to disinfect surfaces from pathogens.


Easy Installation

With the seamless integration of our software, the robot is easy to get up and running; requires minimal programming time.



Safety lasers, emergency stop function, PIR motion sensors detect human presence and shut the UV lamps automatically.


Full Coverage

Individually validated UVC lamps deliver balanced and uniform high-output UVC flux to disinfect surfaces from pathogens.

How UVC Disinfection Works?

UVC light breakdowns the DNA and RNA chains of the cells of the micro-organisms beyond recovery. This disables the function of the cell and eventually kills it.

Target Areas for Disinfection

Although manual cleaning is still the mandatory cleaning process in many institutions, human error and fatigue could hinder the overall effectiveness, risking unnecessary transmission. Hence, it should be augmented with UVC disinfection to ensure complete elimination of pathogens across the premises including all high-touch areas such as tabletops, bedside tabletops, inner drawers, phones, armchairs, doors , cabinet handles, light switches, closet handles, etc.

Suitable For :



Assisted Living

Commercial Buildings

Product Information :


  1. UVC Lamps
    Eight 33” UVC lamps, destroys the pathogens in minutes and disinfects 360°
    Kills bacteria and viruses by breaking down the DNA and RNA structure.
  2. Aluminum Reflector
    Polished reflector for maximum intensity


  1. Safety Rated LiDAR Sensors
    For navigation and safety
  2. Low Lidar Sensor
    Toe level obstacles detection to avoid collisions
  3. Side LiDAR Sensors
    Two sides high level obstacles detection of overhanging & protruding obstacles
  4. PIR Motion Sensors
    Sensors on all 4 sides to detect human presence and trigger UVC light to turn off immediately.
  5. Lamp Guard
    Stainless steel (304SS) tube structure helps to safeguard the lamp from collision against protruding objects.
  6. Built-In Audio & Visual
    Buzzer, speech and display to provide warning alert before turning on UVC light and status of the whole unit.

Key Features

Capable of 360° disinfection of premises by killing 99.90% of virus and bacteria on surfaces – both airborne and droplet – with the UVC technology.

Quality of disinfection validated by UVC Dose Indicator- a safe and efficient tool calibrated to indicate color changes when exposed to UVC rays. The yellow indicator changes to orange and pink indicating the right levels of accumulated dose sufficient for killing the various categories of pathogens.

Incident Engergies of Germicidal Ultravoilet Radiation at 253.7 Nanometer Necessary to Inhibit Colony Formation in Organisms (90%) and for 3-Log (99.9%) Reduction.

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Verifying UVC Exposure

The UVC Dose Indicator can be used during each UVC disinfection cycle to help technicians visually validate that surfaces and equipment have received an optimal dose of UVC energy. A color reference chart that demonstrates the changes associated with various energy levels is shown below :

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The robot is fully safety compliant. It comes equipped with lasers and PIR Motion Sensors to detect and navigate through obstacles in its path.

A. Detection of overhanging & protruding obstacles.

Overhanging obstacles may damage the UVC lamps and cause mercury leak which is dangerous. The presence of two side lasers help to detect obstacles and the lamp guard provides safety against protruding objects.

B. Detection of human presence and safety against UVC exposure.

UVC light exposure is harmful for human beings. The four pairs of PIR Motion sensors provide 360° detection of human presenceand shut the UVC lights immediately if a human being is around.

LD UVC robot navigates autonomously through a mapped route. It moves seamlessly between irradiation spots thus completely eliminatingthe need for manual labour.

The robot can be easily integrated with third party infrastructures such as elevators, auto doors and PABX systems rendering a complete robotic solution for disinfection needs.


Door Openings

PABX System

Owing to the extreme flexibility in re-configuring the payloads, the OMRON LD mobile robot base can be utilized for numerous other applications which may arise in the future along with the UVC disinfection needs such as material handling, catering, and varied logistics needs across industries.

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*Images intend to show varied uses of OMRON Mobile Robots and are for representation purpose only.

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