Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Automation Center Singapore POC LAB​

A joint laboratory where you can work with OMRON to test and verify solutions to production site issues.​

AUTOMATION CENTER (APAC) POC LAB is a joint laboratory that lets you work with OMRON to test and verify potential solutions to your issues. Here, you can test solutions in various scenarios and conduct POCs together with expert engineers and receive technical training for implementation.​

Hall and Demo​

Our Demo set-ups let you experience manufacturing processes as they should be—connected, intelligent, and data-driven. Witness smart manufacturing with our Tech Line demo and see how robots can work harmoniously with humans, towards a sustainable future.​

Seminar and Training​

Receives trainings conducted by expert engineers for up-skills programs, seminars to ensure sustained development of our customers and their teams.​

Meeting Room​

For discussion of POC projects and objectives. ​

What you can do at Automation Centre POC LAB​

Application POC​
You can bring your own workpieces and equipment to test and verify applications and robots in an environment that simulates actual production site use case scenarios, so that you can get a clear view of their implementation effects.​ ​
Inspection equipment POC​
Board and appearance inspection solutions can be verified using actual workpieces.​ ​


438B Alexandra Rd, ​ #01-03/04 Alexandra Technopark, ​ Singapore 119967

Nearest MRT, Labrador Park​
Bus no.: 143, 176, 30, 51

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Automation Center Singapore

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