Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation


Digital Engineering Innovation

Digital Engineering Innovation

Seamlessly integrating the production site through the Digitalized Three Reality Philosophy

Digital Engineering Innovation is the basis of our two other concepts for manufacturing, “Autonomation Beyond Human Ability” and “Advanced Collaboration Between Human and Machines.” Its objective is to implement the Digitalized Three Reality Philosophy by replicating on-site material objects to create an environment where their conditions can be accurately assessed from remote locations to deliver remote engineering that breaks down the barriers of time and place. This enables broad, objective, and quantitative visualization of on-site conditions, allowing you to analyze them for improvement and explore optimal operation measures, effectively accelerating the digital transformation of the manufacturing site and contributing to work process innovation.

Virtual Equipment Design with On-site

Flexibly responding to market changes through retrofitting that fully utilizes existing equipment, using a digital twin that, in a virtual space, replicates the current state of the manufacturing site, including worker and equipment movement

An increasingly critical business issue is the ability to respond quickly to sudden fluctuations in demand, the introduction of new products, product design changes, and other unforeseen developments through measures such as partial equipment replacement and layout changes. Our solutions build a digital twin of the manufacturing site by replicating, in a virtual space, its current state, incorporating its repeated and daily improvements and changes, including the movements of its existing equipment and workers. These solutions also allow experts far away from each other to collaborate on design, commissioning, and adjustments, thereby reducing turnaround time while also improving work quality. Through retrofitting that fully utilizes existing equipment, our solutions empower you to flexibly respond to market changes.

Digital Maintenance beyond Expert Capabilities

Predictive maintenance powered by status monitoring that visualizes production line equipment conditions in a digital space to detect signs of equipment issues before they actually lead to failure

In the past, scheduled maintenance, where engineers would work to accurately assess the conditions of material objects on the manufacturing site, was the norm. With this method, however, potential risks that may elude even the most highly-skilled, seasoned workers can go unchecked. It also tends to require downtime and generates workpiece disposal costs and exorbitant costs for managing maintenance parts. Our solutions keep track of actual equipment conditions while using AI and our unique sensing algorithms to visualize the conditions of production lines and individual equipment in a digital space. By additionally digitalizing tacit knowledge such as the sensitivity and intuition of skilled workers, so that signs of equipment issues that even the most seasoned workers may not be able to catch can be detected before they actually lead to failure, our solutions enable predictive maintenance powered by status monitoring, allowing you to address issues proactively.

Smart Manufacturing Control Linked across Site

Visualizing KPI issues across the entire production line based on organic connections between on-site equipment and workers to deliver adaptive power and production management that can flexibly respond to demand fluctuation

Overall energy efficiency, which needs to be maximized for decarbonization, will improve only if devices and machines can coordinate smoothly on the production line. Our solutions keep track of organic connections between on-site devices, equipment, and workers to help you optimize production and conduct effective energy management, as required by demand fluctuation. They uncover hurdles to meeting different KPIs by providing real-time visibility into the production efficiency and energy efficiency of the entire production line.

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